Celebrating 30 Years and Our First Retiree

September 26, 2019 | Falls


Lions and tigers and Falls colleagues, oh my! 

On a sunny afternoon in late September, nearly 100 Falls colleagues, friends and families gathered at the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo to celebrate our 30th year anniversary – and our first retiree, Gail Maher. Guests enjoyed a buffet lunch, popcorn bar, ice cream desserts and more, before exploring all that the Zoo has to offer.


“Our fall outing is something I truly look forward to every year,” said Rob Falls, President & CEO of Falls. “I love meeting spouses, family and friends…and especially seeing how the children have all grown since I’ve seen them last.”

“This year was particularly special, though, because we also celebrated our first retiree at the firm – Gail Maher – my Administrative Assistant, and wingman – for the last 25 years.”

robGail was recognized at the event with heartwarming speeches and special gifts from Rob and colleagues. Falls’ Creative team designed beautiful wood-like boards, which featured photos from Gail’s decades at Falls and hand-written notes from staff about their favorite memories of Gail, and hopes they have for her in retirement. Expressions ranged from, “I don’t know what we’ll do without you”… to “Sleep in!”... to the most underlined, bolded words across the board… “Thank you, Gail… for everything.”

Of special note was the surprise retirement gift of a colorful brown and black Shih Tzu puppy, aptly named ‘Rocket’ due to his July 4th birthday.

Gail had been hoping to get a puppy shortly after retiring, and the Falls team took it upon themselves to find her new ‘baby’ for her.

According to Gail, “Thank you for the wonderful day! You have all been such a great part of my life and I really do appreciate everyone’s comments and well wishes for whatever retirement has in store for me!”

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